PP Fiber: A Benchmark for Excellence in Construction
We’re pleased to present our range of PP Fiber products. Crafted for resilience, dependability, and remarkable performance across a plethora of applications. Let’s explore the potential enclosed within our PP Fiber selection.
Product Details
Product Specifications

Model: CO-156

Model: CO-156

Model: CO-105

Please note: The CO-126 and CO-105 models use Polyethylene (PE) but are categorized with PP fibers due to their homogenous properties and application areas.

Where To Use

The PP Fiber, particularly the CO-156 model, is highly adaptable to numerous industries that rely on robust, durable fibers, such as the construction and manufacturing sectors. Its superior melting point enables it to endure challenging environments, with the unique trefoil cross-section adding to its stability.

Order and Packaging

Aligning with our commitment to customer-centered service, we offer flexible packaging options to cater to diverse requirements: 0.6KG, 0.9KG, 1.2KG, and 1.5KG bags are available.

Embracing the Future of Construction

The construction landscape continually challenges us with innovation and complexity. Our PP Fiber range stands by you as a reliable partner in this journey. Promising strength, resilience, and superior performance, our fibers play a significant role in turning your construction goals into palpable accomplishments.