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Concrete Steel Fibers

COMERTYS offers Concrete Steel Fibers, specifically engineered to enhance concrete performance and crack management in demanding industrial applications. 

These steel fibers ensure long-term durability and energy absorption, making the concrete more ductile and fracture-resistant.

COMERTYS’ steel fibers provide all-round reinforcement throughout the concrete, simplify construction processes, and offer cost-effective solutions with improved load capacity and reduced maintenance costs.


Our Concrete Steel Fibers Application

Steel concrete fibers are specifically created to improve concrete and shotcrete in its hardened state. They are engineered for long-term performance and enhanced concrete crack management in demanding industrial applications. It is frequently necessary for industrial concrete floor slab systems to function under demanding loading circumstances, such as point loads from rack legs and dynamic loading from traffic. The consistent distribution of steel fibers throughout the concrete mix makes concrete into a more ductile composite material, improving the slab’s overall performance and ability to absorb energy.

Additionally, it offers great load stability at the floor joints, where it is most required, as well as long-term drying shrinkage cracking management. Shotcrete with steel fiber reinforcement is more ductile, fracture-resistant, and capable of absorbing energy. Numerous benefits of fiber reinforced shotcrete

Tunnel Safety Support

More in line with the idea of “flexible support” is the spray layer supported by steel fiber shotcrete. Steel fiber gives the supporting layer a specific degree of ductility that may not only absorb the energy from the surrounding rock’s deformation but also mobilize and promote the ability to self-stabilize.

Simple and Fast Construction

The hanging net construction is replaced with steel fiber shotcrete, which lowers the risk of rockfall injuries while also saving money on the expense of hanging nets. Additionally, steel fiber shotcrete can be swiftly built the first time.

Smaller Rebound and Less Consumption

Steel fiber shotcrete has a lower rebound than hanging net shotcrete, and concrete has a more compact molding. Additionally, there is no need to backfill the overexcavated area, which significantly reduces the amount of concrete needed.

The Most Cost-effective Product

Excellent qualities for concrete reinforcing are produced by length and aspect ratio that are high. The steel fibers are made easier to use and distribute thanks to the bonded row method. It is widely applicable to floors, pavement, mining. 

All-round Reinforcement Concrete

Steel fibers can be equally distributed throughout the concrete, as opposed to typical reinforced concrete, whether it is upper or lower, edge or corner, outside surface or center. Steel fibers are always present and acting as reinforcement.

Excellent Performance

provides superior concrete bearing capacity without the thickness of a steel protective layer, as well as improved fatigue and impact resistance, longer structural life, less time and money spent in construction, and fewer maintenance costs.