Concrete Poly Fibers - COMERTYS
Concrete Poly Fibers

COMERTYS presents Concrete Poly Fibers, a range of high-quality synthetic fibers designed to enhance the performance and durability of concrete. 

Our fibers, including PP Fibers, PVA Fibers, and Polypropylene Synthetic Fiber, contribute unique qualities to concrete, resulting in improved characteristics and longevity.

Polypropylene Fiber (PP Fiber)

Polypropylene fiber is created by hot extruding polypropylene particles; it has a long lifespan and is particularly static-free and UV resistant. The content of polypropylene fiber varies. Destabilization and anti-ultraviolet treatment allowed it to disseminate in mortar evenly and work well for a long time. The amount of mixture will vary depending on the type of construction and the location; it should be more when utilized in colder and more powerfully impacting areas.

Polypropylene Synthetic Fiber

The product, polypropylene synthetic fiber, was created as a steel fiber replacement. In comparison to steel fiber, it is corrosion resistant, easy to disperse, simple to produce, and doesn’t harm mixing equipment. A unique method and surface treatment are used to manufacture synthetic resin, which serves as the product’s base material. It benefits from a strong grip, good dispersion in concrete, and great breaking strength. It has the qualities of tensile strength, shear resistance, crack resistance, fatigue resistance, and high toughness, and may replace steel fiber for cement concrete, overcoming the limitations of low tensile strength, low ultimate elongation rate, and brittleness of concrete. It has been used in the disciplines of hydraulic engineering, building, and road and bridge engineering.