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Stick Wax C-AT2971A

C-AT2971A stick wax is a special wax used to bond wax molds and casting systems. Its usage is simple: just heat the stick wax to the desired temperature, dip the wax mold joint in the stick wax, and then directly stick it to the casting system. The temperature can be adjusted according to different customer needs, which is the advantage of stick wax. The unique formula of stick wax has good adhesion and efficiency and is more efficient than traditional soldering irons. Because of its professionalism, there are no gaps in the joint, which is beneficial to the qualification rate of the castings. stick wax is a special wax developed for bonding, with strong adhesion and a more secure bond, and does not produce any debris when coating. It is more environmentally friendly and greatly improves the working environment. stick wax has good compatibility and does not have any adverse effects when used with pattern wax. It burns completely during dewaxing and does not leave any residue.

Product Details
Color Yellow
Congealing Point 55-70°C
Working temperature 127°C
Bond Very strong