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Refractory Anti-Burst Fibers

Inviting you to the world of Refractory Anti-Burst Fibers – a critical resource for those in construction, manufacturing and numerous other industries that benefit from the use of steel fiber reinforced concrete.

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Key Benefits

Refractory materials that contain water will internally produce water vapor during the fire process. Stress will develop if the water vapor is not rapidly expelled. The refractory material may separate and rupture as a result of this stress. Anti-burst fibers’ function is to stop this kind of bursting from happening.

A small amount of anti-burst fibers are added during the refractory’s creation and heated during the drying process. In order to prevent bursting, the anti-burst fibers melt during heating, creating pores that are connected and expel the water vapor to the exterior of the material.

Products Advantages

Low Melting Point

The PE short fiber has a lower melting point than PP short fiber, melts more quickly to generate holes during refractory drying, and has better anti-burst properties.

High Dispersion

Regarding the anti-burst fiber, a high performance dispersing agent and deformed section are used to enhance the fibers’ ability to disperse within the refractory.

Hollow Section

By discharging a tiny amount of water vapor before the fiber melts, the effective volume of the fiber is raised, the product utilization effectiveness is enhanced, and the anti-burst effect is enhanced.

Product Variations Tailored For You

At COMERTYS, we understand that your needs go beyond mere accommodation. Instead, we craft tailored solutions that precisely fit your requirements. Our Refractory Anti-Burst Fibers come in various forms, including PP Fiber, PVA Fiber, and PE Fiber, meticulously designed to ensure top performance while maintaining cost efficiency. 

PP Fiber: A Benchmark for Excellence in Construction

We’re pleased to present our range of PP Fiber products. Crafted for resilience, dependability, and remarkable performance across a plethora of applications. Let’s explore the potential enclosed within our PP Fiber selection. 

PVA Fiber: Unrivaled Excellence in Construction Fibers

COMERTYS concrete poly fibers are designed to enhance the durability and strength of concrete structures.

PE Fiber: Promise of Quality in Construction

COMERTYS concrete poly fibers are designed to enhance the durability and strength of concrete structures. 

Product Specifications

Packing: 0.6KG、0.9KG、1.2KG、1.5KG bags