PVA Fiber: Unrivaled Excellence in Construction Fibers
Introducing a new benchmark for the construction and manufacturing realm: the globally renowned PVA Fiber. Delve into the product attributes and singular characteristics of this exceptional construction material.
Product Details
Product Specifications

Model: CO-156

Model: CO-126

Model: CO-105

Please note: The CO-156, CO-126, and CO-105 models, while not strictly PVA fibers due to the use of Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) materials, are included in this category because of their inherent similarities and overlapping pplication fields with PVA fibers.

Ideal Applications

Our PVA Fiber, especially the CO-90 model, stands as an unparalleled ally for construction and manufacturing applications, delivering unmatched strength and flexibility. With its circular cross-section and unique raw material PVA, it’s an exceptional choice for diverse and challenging tasks.

Packaging Options

We cater to clients’ requirements by offering customizable packaging options, including 0.6KG, 0.9KG, 1.2KG, and 1.5KG bags.

Embrace the Future: PVA Fiber

As the construction landscape evolves into a cutting-edge, exhilarating space, our durable and adaptive PVA Fiber supports you in transforming these challenges into awe-inspiring masterpieces.