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PP Mono Fiber

PP Mono fiber is a type of high-strength polypropylene monofilament microfiber, which can effectively prevent micro-cracks in concrete and improve the performance of concrete in anti-crack, anti-penetration, anti-vibration and impact resistance.

Product Details
Technical Specification
Material Polypropylene
Type Monofilament
Colour Nature white
Diameter (um) 15-45
Elongation at break (%) ≥15
Length (mm) 3, 6,9,12,15,19±1
Modulus of elastic (Mpa) ≥3500
Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥500
Density (g/cm3) 0.91-0.93

* The range of length is 3-50mm, and according to client demand.

Packing: 0.6KG、0.9KG、1.2KG、1.5KG, plastic bags, water soluble bag, carton box