Medium temperature casting wax C-AT996 - COMERTYS
Medium temperature casting wax C-AT996

C-AT996 is a green pattern wax that contains neutral nonfilter. It has a wide range of wax pressing temperature and no pores in large molds. It has excellent surface finish, moderate hardness, excellent flowability, and very good dimensional stability. C-AT996 is applied in commercial hardware, golf heads, thin-wall parts, and aerospace industries.

Key Features
Product Details
Technical Specification
Ring & Ball Softening Point 72.5-85.0℃
Drop Melt Point 84.5-95.5℃
Penetration 450 GM Load 14.0-20.0DMM
Specific Gravity 0.945-0.965
Ash Content <0.02%
Line Shrinkage 0.0070- 0.0090
  • The shrinkage rate is over high: appropriately reducing injection temperature.

  • Pitted or orange surface: due to unclean wax moisture, or impure pipe condition. Can be solved by upgrading heat preservation and shooting temperature.

  • Mold sticking: reducing cooling water temperature.

25kg bag