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Pattern Wax

At COMERTYS, we strive to deliver only the highest quality products. We offer a variety of industrial waxes, including specialty pattern waxes for foundries, automotive parts, and other general hardware industries. It provides excellent fluidity, high dimensional accuracy, moderate hardness, low ash content, and high reuse rate.

Products Advantages​

Direct and Indirect Casting Methods

Casts can be made of the wax model itself, the direct method, or of a wax copy of a model that need not be of wax, the indirect method.

Wide-Ranging Industrial Uses

Casting wax is widely utilized for a variety of applications, including golf heads, aerospace castings, needle vehicle parts, medical equipment, and small propeller blades with ceramic cores as well as general-purpose big castings and thin-walled castings.

Superior Performance and Quality

Our wax has a very good flowability, high dimensional precision, moderate hardness, constant linear shrinkage rate, low ash content, high reuse rates, long service life, and outstanding surface quality.

Wax category

Medium temperature casting wax

Medium Temperature Casting Wax C-AT868

Discover the incredible versatility and excellence of Medium Temperature Casting Wax C-AT868. Engineered for precision, this high-quality wax brings superior performance to a multitude of casting applications, promising consistently impressive results.

Medium Temperature Casting Wax C-AT996

Meet the Medium Temperature Casting Wax C-AT996, a game-changing solution designed to maximize your casting results. This exceptional wax boasts a range of unique properties that cater to diverse industries, providing unparalleled precision and quality every time.

Medium Temperature Casting Wax C-AT162

The Medium Temperature Casting Wax C-AT162 delivers remarkable versatility and superior performance, making it a cornerstone for an array
of casting applications. Witness firsthand how this product revolutionizes casting processes, ensuring unmatched precision and quality.

Medium Temperature Casting Wax C-AT996D

C-AT996D is a light green pattern wax that contains neutral non-fillers. It  has a wide range of wax pressing temperature and no pores in large molds. It has excellent surface finish, moderate hardness, excellent flowability, and very good dimensional stability. 

Other Waxes

Patch Wax C-ATU7

C-ATU7wax is a flexible wax used for patching surface defects on wax patterns. It has good adhesion and is easy to work with. It is commonly used to fix defects, fill pores, cover depressions, and patch gaps in gating systems. Heat the wax near a heating plate or under a small bulb for optimal performance. Apply it directly like plaster.

Water-soluble wax C-ATW09

C-ATW09 water-soluble wax core offers excellent surface finish and strength, while also dissolving conveniently and rapidly. Simply submerge the wax mold with the water-soluble wax core in a container of diluted hydrochloric acid or citric acid for dissolution. After dissolving, rinse and dry the mold to obtain a complex cavity wax mold.

Dip Wax C-AT2837

C-AT2873 is a special wax for eliminating surface defects in casting systems. It melts and permeates the shell mold during dewaxing, reducing mold shell cracking. The specially processed dip wax doesn’t create flow marks or wax droplets. It’s widely used in precision casting worldwide.

Stick Wax C-AT2971A

C-AT2971A stick wax bonds wax molds and casting systems. Simple usage: heat, dip the joint, and stick. Adjustable temperature. Strong adhesion, efficient, no debris. Environmentally friendly, improves work environment. Compatible with pattern wax. Burns residue-free during dewaxing.